St. Luke Clinic

Due to our community's rapid growth, it has become clear that there are deficiencies in the ability to provide health care. For that reason, it is through the grace of God that we are hoping to start the St. Luke the Physician's Medical Clinic. This healthcare clinic will be open to the entire Coptic community and will be housed in the new St.Pishoy building. The clinic will operate with the use of licensed volunteer physicians, nurses, PA's, and other medical health providers.

All medical services will be provided at absolutely no charge and the clinic will operate solely on voluntary donations. Also, we are currently in communication with various laboratory service providers to receive subsidized testing so that the clinic will be able to run blood work and receive other fundamental lab results. 

We hope to begin operating as soon as possible, but in order to do so the clinic must be equipped with basic medical examination equipment. WIth that being said, we are in need of donations so that we may begin gathering the necessary equipment and God willing, begin seeing patients once the church building is complete. Please remember this service in your prayers and may God bless you.

"And give doctors a place because the Lord created them also, and don't let them leave you, because you indeed need them." (Sirach 38:12) 


Hours of Operation


Thursday (5:00pm - 7:00pm): Dr. Victor Isaac - Spine and Joint appointments Only


Thursday (5:30pm - 8:30pm): Dr. Botros - Internal Medicine and Family Practice appointments Only/ Dr. Ben Ibrahim - Ophthalmology appointments Only


To maintain organization and provide the best possible care, all visits should be by appointment only. 

 لحجز المواعيد

To schedule an appointment call

 (615) 928-7423


Leave a message with your: 

1) Full Name 

2) Date of birth

3) Phone number


FAX number is (615) 369-3112